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Why not Copenhagen ?
She went to Denmark and share her story. Follow her ! Read more!
To travel the world by myself or with the one I truly love.
Back in the day when I was still single, I've always dreamed of discovering the world by myself. Read more!
Light on Marseille
Discover the journey of three sisters in Marseilles: good tips, hosting, discovers... You will know eveything about the Phocaean city ! Read more!
Light on Lille
A family from Bordeaux in Lille: good tips, restaurants and unusual activities, you will see all of it ! Bienvenue chez les ch'tis for a weekend ;) Read more!
Light on Lyon
Hello Dreamers ! Discover the weekend of six friends in the ville des Lumières ! Visits, restaurants, hosting, you will know everything about Lyon ! Read more!
Light on Bordeaux
Discover the adventures of five friends in Bordeaux. Good tips, what to visit, where to go, discovers : you will know everything about La belle endormie. Read more!
More mountains to climb, more bodies of water to dive.
Follow Era's passion for trekking in Philippines, with her friends first and with her boyfriend then. Read more!
To see and discover the world together with my family.
Stefani decided to leave her life in Berlin to start a new job in Haiti ! Discover her new life with her family in this amazing country. Read more!
My dream is to visit every continent of the world and experience and meet different cultures, food, and people!
Ashley started travels in 2009... She doesn't stop since ! United Kingdom, Costa Rica and now Asia... Follow her adventures as an english teacher in Seoul ! Read more!
Watch a Broadway play in New York
Judee has a wonderful dream, she went to New York and she had the chance to watch Big Bang Theory LIVE! WOW ! Read more!
To make base in London and explore the world
Follow Bree in her new life, from Australia, she has decided to pack everything and move at the other side of the world. You did it! Read more!
Move to France, go to weekly Provencal markets and renovate a old stone house with my partner
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Move to France, go to weekly Provencal markets and renovate a old stone house with her partner, here is the wonderful story of Ashley and she proudly did it ! Read more!
To backpack through Europe after college.
Follow the adventures of Emily, the american girl who decided to travel all around Europe after she left college ! Read more!
Solo From Kathmandu to Everest base camp
Follow Sanjit Kandel during its beautiful travel solo to Kathmandu ! Well, we are proud to have our first Dreamer climbing the Everest ! You did it ! Read more!
Discover Germany with my best friends.
Follow Axelle in her trip to Germany sharing good memories and good tips for your trip there ! Read more!
Meet with Serena and Venus Williams at BallenIsles in Florida
Paloma went to Miami - Florida, and had the chance to meet with her idol... She did it! Read more!
My childhood dream was to travel around Australia when I was older
Realize your childhood dream, it's possible! Shane travelled all around Australia and he did it! Read more!
The Art of Recycling from Ho Chi Minh
Today, Henry is sharing a beautiful concept he created in Ho Chi Minh inspired by his 3- year-old daughter. Follow him, we encourage Doers to make things happen. Read more!
Create my company – Make It Travel
Anne Laure is a big dreamer, she decided to run her own startup! She opened this great concept...Make It Travel! Read more!
To be a motivational rap artist inspiring people
Steven is a professional rap artist helping people to change there lives and health or the better. He wants to support the homless like he helps his dad off the streets.. Read more!
Create an ethical clothing brand to help underprivileged children in Latin America
Roland's dream was totally unexpected, after a surf trip in Mexico he decided to help underprivileged children through an ethical brand. That's how Choclo Project was born... Read more!
Get out of the office and conquer a mountain summit!
Bachar is living in Singapore and decided to challenge himself! Discover the beautiful story of someone ready to climb mountains ;) Read more!
Participate actively in nature conservation
Follow Nadja for the best adventure ever ! She is just one of those making big things to help and protect our beautiful earth. Come on, we all have to protect our nature! Read more!
spend rest of my life cycling around the world
Follow chafik from Syria, spending the rest of his life cycling around the world! What else! We are amazed by so many courageous people as him. Check this post out, you will enjoy his story. Read more!
Solo traveling and local volunteering in Argentina
Discover the beautiful story of Sarka in Argentina. She is sharing her experience over there, quite impressive as she did it by herself! Congrats, you did it! Read more!
To show that having a small dog and international travel are not mutually exclusive.
Discover the story of Sonja, part time Globetrotter, travelling Europe with someone special :) Read more!
#WONDRTOUR : Nich’s Dream
Discover the story of Nich, a young Cambodian traveler who dreams to go to England . Read more!
#WONDRTOUR : Jade’s Dream
Discover the story of Jade, a former Hip Hop dancer champion and globetrotter, deeply dreaming of Mexico. Read more!
#WONDRTOUR : Sok Sandy’s Dream
Discover the story of Sok Sandy a dreamer from Banteay Meancay who wants to be a nurse. Read more!
Discover the story of Idair, a cyclist world tourer, who realized a big dream : he left everything behind to travel all over Asia on a bicycle. He did it! Read more!